Beyond the Visual : Latasha Alicndor's "Talk My sh*t"

Our story starts with the visual, " Talk My Sh*t" by the incredible Latasha Alcindor.

    Usually, I would go in depth about the creative process of this piece, and how it came to be. But in this particular entry, I would like to share my experience, and my interpretation of what this song and visual means to me. In other words, IMMA TALK MY SHIT !

   First off, It was dope shooting this video ! The energy was great, the love was abundant, and if you know L.A, then you know she's a natural performer ! (Special thanks to everyone that came through, and a BIG thanks to my brother Terrance T. Young for helping out !) But, with that being said, this visual was a challenge, a much needed challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

   There were many versions of this video that simply didn't work, and there were just as many conversations between L.A and I about which direction to take.

   Admittedly I was frustrated, not with L.A, but with the fact that I couldn't crack the code. I mean, I've done this before, all the pieces were in the right place, and I knew the meaning of the song... Or did I ? I must've missed something ! So, I spent most of the day listening to Talk My Shit, just to see if I could decipher something that could help me put the visual together, but, nothing.

   In that nothingness, I realized that the best thing I could do is speak to the source, so I stopped by L.A' s crib to show her the latest cut of the video, and naturally, we ended up choppin it up. And that's when it hit me. I've been so focused on L.A the artist, I'd forgotten that this dope, talented person is actually a Human Being, and as creatives, it's our humanity that fuels our creativity.

    All of our laughs, tears, mistakes, triumphs, dreams and fears are the essence of our being, and a great artist isn't afraid to put that on display, A.K.A talk their shit, something L.A does consistently. So, to me, Talk My Shit means speaking your truth, living your truth, loving your truth, and doing all of that with the people you care about. I hope yall enjoyed the video, and L.A keep talking homie, we're listening.


- Jahmel R.

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