Origins - " The Road to Revolution "

The road to Revolution is paved with unity.

      Our story starts with Emcee Jay Electronica,  when he dropped the amazingly dope  "Road To Perdition"

   Everyone's face scrunched up as he massacred that crazy Instrumental. When the track dropped, the family and I were chattin it up in our group text as usual, when the God Lafayette Stokely said "Yo there's mad beat left at the end of this." Then, Josiah The Gift replied with " I was thinking the same thing " then J. Manifesto  added " I already got 4 bars."

     He proceeded to send us what he'd written so far. At that point, my phone overheated because of all the bars he sent. When I FINALLY got my phone to work , Laf shut it down again when he sent parts of his verse. I can't lie, I was frustrated because they kept shutting down my phone. Like I know y'all are nice but, have some consideration you know ? Anyways, I turn my phone on again and I saw that fellow Ren-Revolutioner Dot spazzed , Siah went off , and Segnon sent over the instrumental. At that point I said fuck It and turned off my damn phone.

    I also recognized a couple things, our unity , our passion , and the fact that Asha didn't drop any bars yet, but we'll get to that later. Since filming The Emcee Memoirs , we've all really connected. I talk to these guys EVERYDAY, I look forward to it, I always learn something new, and I always laugh. Our passion as Artists, and the respect that we all have for each other is part of the foundation of our friendship.  One of the things that we always discuss a lot is who we are as Black people , Black Empowerment, and how we should represent the culture. Sometimes we agree, other times we debate, but none of us would ever question the love that we have for our culture and our people. The verses that I read all represented Black Pride from a distinct perspective, an honest perspective, and that's when I got inspired to write a verse of my own. ( It took me all night though, I was struggling.)

    The next day , I woke up and sent a rough verse to Seg , Dot and The Ren Revolution's very own Terrance T. Young. They thought it was dope. Then Terrance wrote his verse and BLEW ME AWAY !!! I told Seg that Terrance had to be on this too, and as always Seg was down. He sent us a rough of what he had recorded because Dot, Siah , and Manifesto already laid their verses down. While I was listening to the rough, I heard the Royal Queen Asha Hadiyah dropping knowledge ! She was being stingy in the group chat, Seg told me that she read everyone's verse and wrote something to it and she laid down her verse the same day Laf laid his. Terrance and I finally laid ours down , but It was the almighty Segnon that closed up shop with his verse. The result was this.

order of the verses, ( Dot, J. Manifesto , Me (Jahmel R.) , Lafayette Stokely , Segnon , Terrance T. young, Asha Hadiyah , and Josiah The Gift )

A union of passionate and talented creatives coming together and unmercifully speaking about Black Empowerment.


The Emcee Memoirs : A Cinematic LP Coming Soon

- Jahmel R.