"Mr. Not Enough" by Asha Hadiyah

This piece comes from our Friend, Actress, Singer, Poet and Emcee. The Sassy Soul Rebel herself, Queen Asha Hadiyah.

"Mr. Not Enough"
By: Asha Hadiyah

His ego is the size of Africa
If translated into money, it would be able to feed every single impoverished refugee camp in the world
But the quantity of his ego doesn't match the limited quality of his empathy 
He says sex is what keeps him inspired 
but yet he doesn't have enough heart to keep his soul fired
He throws away anything and anybody who dares to keep him in check
A peasant in a crown who inflates his ego he would never neglect, but once in the presence of a Queen he'd rather jet
Emotional unavailability is what keeps him from sustaining a lasting love
Once connected I thought our souls fit like a glove
But I was never enough for Mr. Not Enough
You see, Mr. Not Enough did not have enough for himself
Low self esteem covered up by narcissistic tendencies 
often caused several discrepancies 
to the growth of our being 
as time went on my hope for our spiritual bond became fleeting 
as my soul was bleeding and often pleading for fulfillment 
But Mr. Not Enough could never tell
He was often drinking from his own well
not realizing that my water was enough to contribute to the flower that we were
Our growth was often stunted by his own poisonous fertilizers known as pride and ego,
Mr. Not Enough doesn't realize that pride and ego are inorganic parts of one self
At first drunk with genuine love, the nature of his energy became intoxicated with the evil of self pity
I desired to help heal him,
He loved to reel me in
only to use my affection and drop me back off again
I would often be down to sail with him on his ego trip,
But I decided this time my heart will not take another rip
If you are reading this, 
let me give you a tip,
You will never be enough for Mr. Not Enough
Especially if he sees that you are more than enough for yourself
He will not be able to handle a Queen who is in superior spiritual health
One who knows the beauty of life beyond the limits of material wealth
I pray that one day he finds his higher self
and that his ego will finally deflate to the size of an elf.

© The Sassy Soul Rebel 2015


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- Jahmel R.

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