Lafayette Stokely's "Vibes"

Photo by   @DarrenTalent

     In 2012 I had a shitty part time job. My co-workers were cool as hell though, I made a lot of friends there. One in particular, Zakkiyyah, was like a walking Hip Hop dictionary. I kid you not, EVERY TIME she would bump music, It would be the shit that NO ONE was listening too , and If I bumped something and she heard it, she would say "What you know about that Mel ?" challenging my knowledge. Anyways, one day at work she came up to me and told me that her boyfriend just moved up from Orlando, and he was looking for some one to shoot a video. Now, fellow Filmmakers you know how it is with rappers when they ask for videos , so in my mind I initially said "NO", but Zah is cool peoples, and you have to respect a Woman that's being super supportive, so I gave her my Vimeo link and all that so her boyfriend could see it and what not.

     A couple days after that, this guy approached me while I was at work, and was like "My name is Lafayette Stokley, I saw your the videos and it would be dope if we can link up and possibly shoot something." It was weird because he didn't approach me like a Rapper. No ego,  he didn't even say "Yo, this would be a good look for you." In fact ! He said I'll email you the song, and you let me know what you think. Crazy ! So when I got home I went through my email's and listened to the song, and that's when EVERYTHING changed ! I had to do a video for this song, because It was DOPE ! I hit up Terrance, we took the camera and shot "So Simple".

    After that, we won a Music Video competition for his second video "Scared of Death", we took the photo for the cover of his album "Life Goes On", and he's a part of our first film. "The Emcee Memoirs : A Cinematic LP ". Lafayette is more than just a fellow Artist, he's family, and his progression as an Artist, and as Man has been an honor to witness. With that being said, It's only right that we present his latest joint to you. Ladies and Gentlemen , "Vibes" by Lafayette Stokel, produced by Kelly Portis.

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See Lafayette in The Emcee Memoirs : A Cinematic LP as "Stoke"


- Jahmel R.