Josiah The Gift's "Paradise"

" I'm fightin for a cause bigger than rap, beyond me. I do it for the ones that's danglin life, by a thread, and need some yarn just to handle the vice, and through it all, my explanation I planned is concise, and so vivid it should be enough just to hand you the light, in Paradise."
                                                                                                                        - Josiah The Gift

    When Josiah spits it's like someone grabbing you by the collar, and giving you the realest wake up call of your entire existence. There's a sense of urgency and power in his voice, add to that his distinct flow, clever word play, and introspective views on the people and environment he grew up in, it's clear to see that this King is on a mission. His latest joint, "Paradise" is another personal letter to the people of his past and his current listeners. Check out the letter he wrote to me about the song and the song it self, below.

Waddup jah.

The record started off as a personal message to a friend that became disloyal so we parted ways. As time went on and I matured, the anger and ill feelings turned into dissapointment but, acceptance. Even though our relationship would never be the same, I still wanted nothing but the best for him. Basically the song symbolizes love and forgiveness. Also, it's encouragement for the people losing hope in life. The products of a ghetto environment. The ones that's living to die young and hopeless. Pretty much, my way of saying, I wanna see the absolute best for you in life even when the chips are down. Keep going until you find the meaning if paradise inside you. Hope this shit makes sense but, that's what it is. Lol


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Also see Josiah in the upcoming film The Emcee Memoirs : A Cinematic LP, coming in April 2015.

- Jahmel R.