I am featuring Niya Wells

   Being an Artist is knowing three things. 

Who you are.  

What you do. 

Why you do what do.

  The answers to those questions can be simple or profound, as long as they're answered. Doing anything without meaning is the equivalent of doing nothing, a car needs fuel, a body needs a Soul, and Art needs purpose.

  When we heard Niya Wells for the first time, we knew there was purpose behind her music, because when an Artist has purpose not only do you appreciate their creations, but you feel it, it's a conversation between the Souls. We would continue but, We'll let Ms. Wells tell you who she is.

I am Niya Wells.

I make music/sing.

I make music because no one can bring or equate to the happiness that music brings to me, and what better way to express that than to make music of my own to share. I want my art to give someone else the same unexplainable feeling, in hopes that it will inspire them to create as well. 

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