I am Featuring Jake Mayo

      Being an Artist is knowing three things. 

Who you are, what you do & why you do what do.

You speak through these aspects. You're defined by these aspects. You live through these aspects. Our next I Am features CEO/Writer/Editor Jake Mayo and how he channels the culture of Hip Hop through his endeavors. 



 My name is Jake Mayo. I’m a person who is not only intent on discovering and highlighting some of the most creative up and comers in Hip-Hop, but also making my own individual impact on the culture any way I can. I’m a writer and a thinker. I feel like creativity and imagination are essential to growth and existence.


I’m the CEO/Creative Director of IARHipHop.com. (It’s A Rap) My site is a full service Hip-Hop outlet consisting of interviews, original features, videos, and music hosting. Also, I’m an online editor for RESPECT. Magazine, which has been an incredible experience so far, working with other great contributors for such a large and imaginative platform. I also handle all of the writing and press releases for Liferhouse Records which is a rapidly growing indie label out of VA and had the opportunity to work on A3C’s blog team in Atlanta where I created an interview segment called “Take 5” which covered a majority of the headlining and indie acts at the acclaimed festival.


 Hip-Hop is emotion. It’s the feeling you get from reading CD inserts, cover to cover, multiple times since you were a kid and following the music, year after year, the majority of your life. It’s one of the more polarizing art forms in existence, sparking creative thought and innovative culture for decades. Hip-Hop is trendsetting. It’s bounds reach far beyond just a genre of music, while continuing to be deeply rich in tradition. Hip-Hop allows me the opportunity to voice how those things make me feel, and that’s the most inspiring in itself. I continue to grow and learn everyday and for the people that really appreciate my work,(however many that may be) thank you for supporting my thoughts.

Visit and subscribe to Jake Mayos website IARHipHop.com  , and check out his work for Respect Magazine. Also, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

- Jahmel R.