I am with Josiesboy

Being an Artist is knowing three things. 

Who you are, what you do & why you do what do.

To create is to be yourself, projecting your personality in each piece, and telling the world your story. Our next artist in our I am segment masters that concept, ladies and gentleman, Josiesboy.

I'm josiesboy, your girls favorite artist 



I'm an artist.....I paint dope stuff 


      I paint because I have to, it's in my blood. I was born with this gift that has slowly turned into an obsession. There are thousands of thoughts in my head daily that I have to get out, no matter if it's on canvas or any other medium. Art is literally the one thing that keeps me sane. Of course along with that comes the obsession for greatness, I want my name to be mentioned with legends when i die. I don't care about fame, I just want to live up to my full potential and make my grandmother proud. I want to show children that you don't have to settle with being a pro ball player, a rapper or selling drugs. I do it for the fat kid in the back of the class drawing Bart Simpson 


My work is a complete reflection of my personality, it's extremely dope. My work stands out, it speaks for itself, just like me. Ask anyone who knows me or anyone who has met me and they will tell you nothing but great things about me. They speak highly about me just as they do my art. I believe in being the best person I can be as well as making my work top notch. 

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- Jahmel R