I AM Featuring Kiri Laurelle Davis

      Being an Artist is knowing three things. 

Who you are.  

What you do. 

Why you do what do.

Art is a gift, creativity is a superpower. It allows us to be limitless, but, a power is nothing without it's wielder. The wielder decides when and how to use this power, and it's always inspiring to see a wielder use his or her ability for selfless reasons. Our next I AM Artist, Kiri Laurelle Davis , is that inspiration, she's a Media creator that uses her abilities to give us a much needed wake up call.

My name is Kiri Laurelle Davis and I’m a visual artist, activist and overall a storyteller.


I create media with the goal of making an impact and telling stories important to me and my community. Since my teens I’ve been compelled to produce pieces that provide a wake-up call and delve into subject matters that mainstream media tends to ignore. I also enjoy exploring a wide-range of artistic mediums from photography to collage-work as well as the many components of filmmaking.  Additionally, I work as a media consultant, helping organizations and individuals find creative ways to bring their story and message to life, while ensuring it feels organic and honest.


I think it’s important that creatives use their talents as a way of elevating society, while addressing the problems that exist.  In some ways, I consider my camera to be my personal weapon against social injustice and a powerful tool for change. It’s incredible how using it to shine a spotlight on certain stories and events, enables me to help change the trajectory. It also allows me to bring awareness to important issues that may otherwise fall under the radar and highlight voices that rarely get the audience they deserve.  It’s important that creatives use their talents as a way of elevating society, while addressing the problems that exist. Artists have the ability to connect with people in so many diverse ways and can help them to see situations from different vantage points and perspectives. By simply seeking the truth, artists can expose injustice and create new avenues for change. We truly have the ability to touch the hearts and minds of individuals around the world, and I feel using that power is essential and in many ways fulfilling.



"Our Lives Matter" is a segment of a current Multimedia under Kiri's direction called the Just Us Project. This project was inspired by the extrajudicial killings of youth of color, who are being violated and targeted daily.


For more info on the Just Us Project. Visit the website.

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- Jahmel R.