I am featuring Eloise Lai

      Being an Artist is knowing three things. 

Who you are.  

What you do. 

Why you do what do.


   The language of Art is universal. It transcends the world we've adapted too, as a matter of fact, it is the ideal world. When it comes to Art, diversity and individuality are embraced and praised. The creation is a representation of who the Artist's Identity. To further explain this, we're going to take a trip to Australia, and meet the amazingly talented Eloise Lai.


I am Eloise Lai from Melbourne, Australia. 

My primary focus is fashion design, but my creative spectrum extends itself into multiple disciplines (i.e. illustration & creative writing). 

Everything that I make is my mode of expression & exploration. I try to raise topics of interest to me, by translating it into my work and bringing it to the attention of whoever views it. My inspiration for this particular work was to explore the concept of identity. I’ve always been curious as to how a society & the people within it functions. I tend to question the constructs of one’s identity. We all adhere to a universal set of ‘social normalities’ in fear of alienation. Are we not simply a culmination of elements taken from the people that surrounds us? Where in that lies uniqueness and individuality? I’m left with the irrepressible notion that we are fragmented and incomplete. We are only sure of parts of an uncertain whole; the rest remains in ambiguity. 

See Eloise's work on Instagram and Behance

- Jahmel R.

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