Eloise Lai's "Tell Me"

      A couple days ago, the amazingly talented and profound Eloise Lai , emailed me piece that completely resonated with me, not only as a creative, but as a human being. I had to share this piece so please read and check it out below !

"Tell me - explain your being, divulge your character. I demand to know who you are!”

So much insistence, as if to be a defined character is a compulsory attribute in order to live in this world. We must be distinguishable. We must have character. What makes you relevant? What makes you whole? 


Since when was this a prerequisite to be a part of this creative society? When exactly should I have constructed the answers to these ridiculous questions? It is rather frustrating to be perpetually explaining and justifying something you only hold pieces of.  I, myself lack the whole picture. So how can I possibly paint the completed image for you? Wouldn't you concede that to be an ambitious task? 


Why can’t it be acceptable of me to lack an identity? To not be whole, to be finitely incomplete? What if my comfort lies in a lack of distinction? Perhaps I prefer to be blurred, ambiguous and undetermined. Have you not considered the possibility that I am rather pleased to know that you, a complete stranger, cannot figure me out. 


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- Jahmel R.

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