2 Loves

"My 2 Loves." 

     2 loves, 2 beings that completely oppose 1 another. 2 halves that represent 1 whole. Me.  

       The first love is refined, the kind you settle down with. She knows who she is, so you better come correct or don't come at all. In the beginning she'll make you work for it, but once you've proven yourself, you stand in a complex line between man and god, I say complex because with this one, you're always being tested. Always. 

    The second love is rebellious, the kind you escape with. She's still young so she hasn't quite found herself yet. She lives through experiences, and she bares emotional scars as proof. In the beginning, she doesn't expect anything from you, come as you are, and treat her like you want to be treated. Play your cards right and she'll crown you, but be mindful that this free spirit comes and goes as she pleases. 

       My journey brings me to a crossroad. Behind me is my past with these 2 loves. To the right is my future with the first, to the left, my future with the second. In front of me is the path where I must walk alone.

   According to the rules of life I must make a choice, one or the other, but my best choices were the unconventional ones. So I'll  get off this road and make a path of my own in the dirt, because losing one of them is losing a part of myself. I'll take them both with me. My 2 Loves, Film and Hip-Hop. 

- Jahmel R.

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