Black is a Complex Complexion

    Mike Brown's death and the reactions of it, shows how complex being Black can be. A part of me feels like the riots are justified because I'm sick and tired of the way we are being treated and portrayed. Another part of me knows that we're better than that, and we have to find a peaceful solution. But then again, when we do, we as a people barley support eachother, so it seems like the only way to be heard is to make a lot of noise. 


    Robin Williams death makes the conspiracy theorists within us, feel like this was a setup to distract us from what's going in in Missouri. Personally, whether it's a set up or not, Jumanji and Aaladin were the shit, so I feel bad that a talented man like that had to commit suicide, but am I wrong for feeling that way at this particular time ? Does that make me unsupportive of my people and community ? No, but as you can see these complexities define our race. The fact of the matter is that we have a shit load of problems and we're rarely ever on the same page. Black is a complex complexion. R.I.P Mike Brown and Robin Williams. 

 - Jahmel R. 

Jahmel ReynoldsComment