Leave your shoes at the door....

     What's good everyone, my name is Jahmel, and welcome to the official site for The Ren Revolution !  As you've read, (Hopefully), The Ren is a visual movement that consists of three creative individuals, Terrance T. Young, Brandon Dottin, and myself, and what we represent is pretty simple.

Me (Jahmel),  T (Terrance, everyone calls him T.) and Brandon (Don't Let the smile fool you, he's an Asshole)

Me (Jahmel),  T (Terrance, everyone calls him T.) and Brandon (Don't Let the smile fool you, he's an Asshole)

      On a philosophical level, we represent unity & art, if you translate that into down to earth terms, we basically like to chill and do cool shit. The three of us met in film school 5 years ago, and that's been the foundation of our brotherhood. In fact, here's how the conversation went......

Brandon - " Hey you guys live in Brooklyn."

Jahmel & Terrance - " Yeah ."

Brandon - " Cool, me too, we should chill and film shit . " 

Jahmel & Terrance - " Word."

   Since then we've collaborated and brought our unique talents together to create cool experiences while simultaneously growing as a team, scratch that, as brothers. This ladies and gentlemen, is what The Ren Revolution is all about, and this site is our home base.

   You see, the three of us aren't really "social medians." Once a or maybe twice a month we'll sporadically post stuff on the various social media sites, but nothing consistent, and I think it's because there isn't a place for us on the web. Sure, we can Tweet and make Facebook statuses about our interests and our work, but thats like walking outside and yelling that we love chicken, a few people may stop and say " Hey I love chicken too." and keep it moving, but it's different when you actually make the chicken at home invite some people over and then talk about how great this fried bird really is..... I don't know if that analogy made sense, but I'm saying that this social media network we've adapted to is HUGE, and it's important to establish your own identity or you'll just get lost in between the hashtags.

    With that being said, welcome to our home, well, our apartment  (Thank you Squarespace !) here you're going to see our creations (Film, Music Visuals, Art & Music) as well as hearing our thoughts and opinions on whatever we feel like talking about. Also, we're going to share projects & creations from friends we've made along the way, so come through, leave your shoes at the door, chill, and do cool shit.

- Jahmel R.

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